The National Rail Museum, N Delhi (NRM) was founded in 1977 and was initially called the Rail Transport Museum. The museum has a wide and varied collection of rare and antique steam locomotives, carriages, saloons and other railway artifacts. It has both live exhibits (75) as well as working/non-working models in its indoor gallery.

The museum runs a toy train around its grounds on regular days. On some days the Old Patiala State Steam Monorail is steamed up and runs on its track around the museum.

In the last few years the NRM has not only helped in preserving steam locomotives and rolling stock but also revived old steam locos that run today. The best example is the Fairy Queen which was manufactured by Kitson, Thompson & Hewittson, Leeds in 1855 for the erstwhile East Indian Railway.

The Fairy Queen is now in the Guiness Book as the oldest working locomotive in the world.

The NRM is located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi and is close to the Safdarjang Railway Station on the Delhi Ring Railway. Timings - 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Monday closed.
Fairy Queen

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Jaipur Loco

Mysore Rail Museum

The Museum is close to the Mysore railway station (about 5 minutes walk).

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MTR No. 2
Patiala State Monorail
Loco from the Jaipur State Railway.

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