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These are the photos selected by Nirad Grover. I am giving brief descriptions besides each of them. The scans are not very good - they will only give you an idea of the content and composition - not colour. If you wish to see them larger please click on the photo to get a larger view.

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DHR coaling at NJP
Sorry this photo got cut during scanning. The whole loco is visible on the right of the picture.
This is a photo from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR). Here the loco is being prepared for the run.
DHR Kurseong
The DHR train runs thru the Kurseong market.
Quite amazing!!
DHR Sivok

This is the Baby Sivok - a loco of 1911 vintage that was rebuilt by the DHR.

In the picture the Loco Foreman attends to the engine at Tindharia yard.

DHR smoky loco
This DHR shot is one of my favourites because of the composition, colours and the smoke.
DHR top shot
The train from Darjeeling approaches the Batasia Loop - one of the most enthalling points on the DHR.
DHR town
Most of the track of the DHR runs along the Hill Cart road. Here the trains runs thru a town.
DHR train
The full train shot at the Batasia loop which remains enveloped in fog most of the time.
FQ boards
This is the Fairy Queen (FQ) the oldest working loco in the world!! Here it is seen at Alwar in Rajasthan.
FQ goats
The FQ has goats for company at Alwar railway station!!
FQ tree
Here the FQ chugs along on its way from Delhi to Alwar.
HGS men
This is the HGS class loco of 1922 vintage which was rebuilt by the Howrah workshops.
HGS police
A gun toting policeman stands guard as the HGS is prepared for the run.
NMR bridge

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) is the olnly rack railway apart from the one in Switzerland.

Here the train crosses one of the several viaducts in the Nilgiris in South India.

NMR coal pickers
Locals come to glean unburnt bits of coal that comes out of the engines - at Mettupalayam in the NMR.
NMR Coonoor

This is the Coonoor station in the NMR - one of the most beautiful stations that I have seen.

The photo is of the little snack counter that has a round board with a painting of the engine.

NMR loco
The driver checks the track as the loco clambers up the Nilgiris.
NMR Mettupalayam
This is the Mettupalayam station and loco yard which is the starting point of the NMR. The blue Nilgiris from a picturesque backdrop.
NMR scenic
The Nilgiri Railway is a beautiful journey. Tiny stations of British vintage and styling, such as this one, are a part of the landscape.
Tipong Kawai bridge

There are a few industrial steam locos in India.

This is a loco at the Tipong collierey of the North Eastern Coal Fields in Upper Assam - almost touching the Burma border.

I call this bridge " Bridge over the river Kwai" due to the fantastic surroundings and landscape. This is a very good photo - 100 times better than the scan.

Tipong loco
The same Tipong loco spews out thick smoke.
Wankaner coalmen
Wankaner in west Gujarat was the last place in India to have steam run passenger trains.
Here two 'khalasis' pick coal slag as the YP Telco loco steams in the background.
Wankaner Dahinsara
A group of local women await the next train at Dahinsara - a station along the Wankaner ~ Maliya Miyana line.
Wankaner driver
A driver proudly poses for a snap from the footplate of his YG at Morbi.
Wnk loco
A Wankaner loco chugs out of the yard.
Wnk Morbi station
Railwaymen take a breather at the Morbi railway station. Morbi was an erstwhile kingdom in British times and the railway station is a beautiful building in local Gujarati architecture.
Wnk station

A woman 'khalasi' wends her way down to the yard to pick coal at Wankaner.

Wankaner too was a kingdom. The raja still stays there in his beautiful palace and has a large collection of vintage cars.

WP paint
This is the WP loco built in Poland in the 1960's. Here two men paint the loco serial number before its run during the Dehradun Railway Centenary in May 2000.
WP people
Local boys sit and watch the WP at Dehradun station
WP top shot
The WP at the Delhi-Safdarjung station in winter 2000. We ran the WP on the Delhi Ring Railway in Feb and it did extremely well.

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